About Customer to Business

Ci2be is a mordenised System which allows suppliers to connect directly with their customers, When a customer issues a bid every supplier registered with us have an opportunity to place his bid this allows fair the client to choose the best quotation for the job

Why Customer to Business

Fair distribution of bids
Wide variety of qoutations to choose on

Client Feedbacks

Full Documented

Ci2be Comes with full documentation on how to register and how to use the system, and we also assist when ever you need assistance

Clean & Modern Design

The system was designed with morden technologies and is powered by powerful Artificial Intelligence

Great Features

Ci2be is first of its own and have great features with makes conducting business and easy task

Completely Customizable

Our system is completely customised if you need any extra features to be added you can tell us and we will do it in no time

User Friendly

The system is not complecated it is just an electron procurement

Awesome Layout

Our stages are structered in good layers and each step taken is approved to make the data secure and valid